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I’d thought anything with a motor—any machine—had been destroyed. The truck was rusted to the core; I didn’t know how it had even gotten here, let alone how it would take us anywhere.
When our turn came to board, Mama and I got in first, climbing the metal bars roughly welded to the back panel that opened and dropped downward. Next, with the help of others, Big Uncle hoisted Grandmother Queen up. Then he himself climbed in. There were no seats or benches, just a bare metal floor with small hole
...s where the metal had rusted out. We moved to the front, pressing close to one another so there was room for those still coming in. Grandmother Queen crouched in a corner among the elderly, while Mama and Big Uncle, with me sandwiched between them, stood against the side.
At last the truck was loaded, with the young and brave perched high in what was normally the luggage rack. There were at least fifty of us, I thought. Maybe sixty. The driver turned on the ignition, and the truck wheezed and coughed like a cat trying to regurgitate a hair ball.

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In the Shadow of the Banyan
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User Reviews:

Guest 4 years ago

I read a trite review of this book and wondered at the lack of insight of previous readers. Although I found part some parts of this book hard going, it was due to the dreadful subject matter and not the writing style or voice at all. Truth is stranger than fiction and so very brutal in some cases. To survive the brutality of this true narrative is truly a testament of human resilience and the redemptive power of love and family. Well worth the read.

Guest 6 years ago

Love the book couldn't stop reading. I am happy she survived. Now I want to visit Cambodia.

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