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In the Wilderness

Cover In the Wilderness
In the Wilderness
Warner, Charles Dudley, 1829-1900
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It was stilla race for life; but the odds were in her--favor, she thought. Shedid not appreciate the dogged persistence of the hounds, nor had anyinspiration told her that the race is not to the swift.
She was a little confused in her mind where to go; but an instinct kepther course to the left, and consequently farther away from her fawn. Going now slower, and now faster, as the pursuit seemed more distantor nearer, she kept to the southwest, crossed the stream again, leftPanther Gorge on her
...right, and ran on by Haystack and Skylight in thedirection of the Upper Au Sable Pond. I do not know her exact coursethrough this maze of mountains, swamps, ravines, and frightfulwildernesses. I only know that the poor thing worked her way alongpainfully, with sinking heart and unsteady limbs, lying down "dead beat"at intervals, and then spurred on by the cry of the remorseless dogs, until, late in the afternoon, she staggered down the shoulder ofBartlett, and stood upon the shore of the lake. If she could put thatpiece of water between her and her pursuers, she would be safe.

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