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I had leapt into having a family with Bruce, and this time, I wanted to build a foundation in the relationship first. I wanted time for us to enjoy each other. But I was also in my forties. To remove the time pressure, less than a year into our relationship, we decided to freeze embryos.
I was offered a movie called Half Light, which was supposed to be the big follow-up my team had gotten for me on the heels of Charlie’s Angels. I’m sure most of you have never even heard of it, which tells you s
...omething. It was an interesting script—a thriller/ghost story about a bestselling crime novelist who is haunted by guilt over the accidental death of her son—but there were issues with money, the director was unknown, and shooting it would mean being away from my girls for a month before they could come see me—longer than we’d ever been apart.Ashton told me to do it. “The girls will stay here, and I’ll come home for dinner every night,” he said. “I will hold down family life, as if you’d never left.”We filmed in Wales and Cornwall.

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Guest 4 years ago

I have never read anyone's memoir that is so brutally honest. I hope Demi goes on with more self esteem and more realiaztion that her childhood is in the past and the future is what she makes it to be.

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