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What had possessed him to agree to turn her into the kind of woman he dated? Women he hooked up with were as shallow as he was, their only interest being short-term gratification. They didn't care about him and he didn't care much about them.  He didn't want CK to be like that. And he sure as hell didn't want her with a man like him.
Ryan watched her trot out of his office, happy as a lark and his gut churned. What had he gotten himself into?
As tough and brilliant as she was, CK had always main
...tained a unique clueless air about her. He treasured that. It's why she was his friend. Why he'd been comfortable all these years being her friend.  What if he succeeded in changing that? What if he was about to destroy her innocence? Could he live with that responsibility?
He braced his forearm on the window that comprised his back wall and glowered at lower Manhattan twenty stories below him. Maybe CK would miraculously find love. You never knew, right? His parents had a whirlwind courtship and they'd been married nearly forty years, now.

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Instructing An Heiress
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