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There are also indications that the breweries in the United States are ex- pecting to ship large amounts of their machinery to Mexico and continue business here.
One meets with many bright young Mexicans who have just come from the United States. One of a group of them with whom I talked had visited nearly all of our cities, including San Antonio, PRESENT SITUATION IN MEXICO 169 St. Louis, Chicago, New York, and many of the manufacturing centers of New England. He said he had gone very much pre
...judiced against the United States, but what he had seen, not only of the power in the industrial life of the country, but also of the remarkable patriotism shown during the War, had made him return to Mexico as one who would give his time to propagating ideas of friendship between the two countries. The others spoke along the same lines. They spoke of the great good that could be done by scholarships for Mexicans to study in American institutions. This would be one of the best ways to build up an under- standing between the two countries.

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