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Finally he decided I was quieter than he was. He pushed me against a fallen tree, and the game turned to chase. So we ran through the sparkling forest, panting and laughing, loud as the stream.
“Eva and I used to play up here,” I said when we had finally stopped and were standing close together, trying to catch our breath.
“You came here when you were kids?”
“All the time. We practically lived up here.”
“Why’d you quit?”
I felt the smile leach off my face. I shrugged. “Eva started dancing. And
...then my mother got sick. We grew up, I guess.”
Eli raised his head, looked at me for a minute, but changed his mind and didn’t speak. Instead, he took my hand in his and we walked on through the dripping woods.
It isn’t easy to hold hands and walk through a forest. There are branches to duck, logs to climb, trees to skirt. But we managed. In the distance I could still hear the roar of the stream, as insistent as ever, but muted now by a million leaves. I thought of my sister, working in her studio in the silent house, her face blank, her back straight, her hand resting on the barre as though it were floating on water, her leg soaring over and over again into the quiet air, while far above her in the chill fresh forest, I was happy with someone else.

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Into the Forest
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