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Samuel Irenus Prime
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Browning's apartment and Mrs. Jameson's table when I was here ten years ago ! But Casa Guidi is not so well placed for sunlight as we wished, and we therefore sac rificed the sentiment to the advantage of being at home " in mine own inn. " It was certainly a pleasant guidance that led us to the Hotel de la Ville, where we have found delight ful quarters. If the windows lack the romance of poetry and art. They look out upon waters, bridges, towers, domes, hills, villas, palaces, churches, and mo...numents, that together make a panorama of unsurpassed historical interest. If the story were not spoiled in the telling, a volume might easily be made to thrill the reader, by the simplest record of the memories suggested by the view from the windows at which I am writing these lines.
The sun has just gone down. An Italian sunset in its highest glory is now before us. Serried ranks of clouds are on fire. They are reflected from the swollen bosom of the Arno, which glows and burns with the last light of day.

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Irenus Letters
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