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David Marcus who spent every night at the prison and carried out most of the interrogations, found plenty of addicted inmates who, now being deprived of supplies, were willing to talk to him, in vain expectation of a fix. Joe Rao’s and Edward Cleary’s lieutenants were also ready to reveal what they knew, in the hopes of being moved from solitary confinement into ordinary cells. As the investigation proceeded however, there was an almost daily barrage of criticism about the raid and its aftermath... by the Manhattan district attorney William Dodge, who, like his predecessor Thomas Crain, was a Tammany stooge. Crucially, D.A Dodge was in the pocket of Schultz’s protector, Jimmy Hines, a most powerful Tammany district leader who had managed to slip through the net of the Seabury investigations. Through Hines’s underworld connections, William Dodge’s campaign for the post of district attorney had been in large part financed by Dutch Schultz. Because Dodge was voted in under the previous Tammany regime in 1933, albeit by a slender majority, Mayor La Guardia and the new Governor of New York Herbert Lehman, had no authority to unseat him.

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Island of the Damned
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