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James Cutbush

Cover James Cutbush
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John's College, and to the factthat Cutbush was Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy and NaturalPhilosophy in it. The same source of information declared that "thelectures were held back of St. John's Church in Race Street. " It maybe questioned whether Messrs. Goodman, Greiner and Braeutigam, whowere the leaders of the congregation in the early years of 1800, andenthusiasts in regard to the reformation in education, did not, perhaps, carry out their thought without consulting the rest of theirch...urch associates. In the history of the church there is a singularreference to the purchase of houses and lots which were known as "thefourteen chimneys" and the statement is made that the object of thepurchase is not given. These "fourteen chimneys" may have been thebuildings back of St. John's Church on Race Street.
Benjamin Smith Barton was another professor in St. John's College, whodevoted himself to Natural History and Botany. Mr. Greiner, who wasassociated with Messrs. Goodman and Braeutigam also taught in theinstitution, and the head of the college or school was a Mr.

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James Cutbush
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