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"Let's see what he says. " Joe quickly took in the contents of the letter. In effect it stated thatMr. Waldon had discovered which were the bogus and which were the realcircus tickets. He first gave an explanation of the chemical tests heused. Joe read this hastily, but carefully, then passed to theconclusions arrived at by the expert, who was an authority on variouskinds of paper, as well as chemicals.
"The ticket I have marked No. 1 is a genuine coupon, issued by yourcircus corporation, " sai
...d Mr. Waldon in his letter. "The slip marked byme as No. 2 is a counterfeit. You will observe that they both bear thered ink serial number 356, 891.
"If you were a paper expert you would observe that the paper used inthe two tickets is different. There is not a very great difference, andI am inclined to think that both the genuine and the counterfeit ticketswere made on paper from the same mill, but of a different 'run. ' Thatis, it was made at a different time.
"The printer who manufactured your tickets bought his paper from acertain mill making a specialty of this particular kind.

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Joe Strong the Boy Fire-Eater
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