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I TOLD MY MOTHER I felt sick, and it was true. She opened up the couch and made up my bed for me early and brought me a cool washcloth to put on my forehead. I lay there by myself while she and Sapphy ate dinner together out in the kitchen. Later, after she had cleared the table, my mother turned on the radio so she could listen while she did the dishes. The dial was set to the Motown station I had been listening to that morning, but she began to turn it, looking for one of her golden oldies sta...tions instead. All of a sudden, out of the static Frank Sinatra’s voice came floating out into the room.
“Boy, does this take me back,” said Sapphy. “Nobody sings like Old Blue Eyes.”
If the song had been “Mood Indigo,” I probably wouldn’t have been able to hold it together. I was that close to the edge. I would have cried, my mother would have come over and asked me what the matter was, and then who knows what would have happened? Luckily, though, Frank was singing “Fly Me to the Moon.”

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Jumping the Scratch
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