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Curwood James Oliver
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The timber was far behind her now. Ahead there was nothing but thepitiless barren, and the timber beyond that was hidden by the gray gloomof the day. If there had been trees, Joan's heart would not have chokedso with terror. But there was nothing--nothing but that gray ghostlygloom, with the rim of the sky touching the earth a mile away.
The snow grew heavy under her feet again. Always she was watching forthose treacherous, frost-coated traps in the ice her father had spokenof. But she found no
...w that all the ice and snow looked alike to her, andthat there was a growing pain back of her eyes. It was the intense cold.
The river widened into a small lake, and here the wind struck her in theface with such force that her weight was taken from the strap, and Kazandragged the sledge alone. A few inches of snow impeded her as much as afoot had done before. Little by little she dropped back. Kazan forged toher side, every ounce of his magnificent strength in the traces. By thetime they were on the river channel again, Joan was at the back of thesledge, following in the trail made by Kazan.

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