Kenelm Chillingly — volume 04

Cover Kenelm Chillingly — volume 04
Kenelm Chillingly — volume 04
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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So might exchangelooks a thorough-bred deer-hound and a half-bred mastiff: thebystander could scarcely doubt which was the nobler animal; but hemight hesitate which to bet on, if the two came to deadly quarrel. Meanwhile the thorough-bred deer-hound and the half-bred mastiffsniffed at each other in polite salutation. Gordon was the first togive tongue.
"I have long wished to know you personally, " said he, throwing intohis voice and manner that delicate kind of deference which a well-borncadet
...owes to the destined head of his house. "I cannot conceive howI missed you last night at Lady Beaumanoir's, where Mivers tells me hemet you; but I left early, " Here Mivers led the way to the breakfast-room, and, there seated, thehost became the principal talker, running with lively glibness overthe principal topics of the day, --the last scandal, the last new book, the reform of the army, the reform of the turf, the critical state ofSpain, and the debut of an Italian singer. He seemed an embodiedJournal, including the Leading Article, the Law Reports, ForeignIntelligence, the Court Circular, down to the Births, Deaths, andMarriages.

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Kenelm Chillingly — volume 04
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