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The versatile ingenium is the most useful of all. It can turn itself instantly from one object to another, assuming the proper manner for each. It can be serious with the grave, cheerful with the gay, and trifling with the frivolous. Endeavor, by all means, to accommodate this talent, for it is a very great one. [Same date. ~\ 120 CHESTERFIELD'S LETTERS.
SELF-LOVE. Do not let your vanity and self-love make you suppose that people become your friends at first sight, or even upon a short acquaint
...ance. Real friendship is a slow grower, and never thrives unless ingrafted upon a stock of known and recip- rocal merit. There is another kind of nominal friendship, among young people, which is warm for the time, but, by good luck, of short duration. This friendship is hastily produced, by their being acci- dentally thrown together, and pursuing the same course of riot and debauchery. A fine friendship, truly! and well cemented by drunkenness and lewd- ness. It should rather be called a conspiracy against morals and good manners, and be punished as such by the civil magistrate.

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Letters Sentences And Maxims
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