Letters to His Son On Religion

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Letters to His Son On Religion
Roundell Palmer Selborne
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So understood (as it ought to be), it is, of course, not addressed to the purpose of revealing or anticipating the science of Geology ; the discrepancies alleged to exist in some points of detail between that ON RELIGION in narrative, geologically interpreted, and the facts of geology, are really not relevant ; while the general agreement is really wonderful.
XV 51 st October 1880.
I think it may be well to dwell a little longer upon the first chapter of Genesis as an example of the futility of
... a certain class of objections against the truth of Scripture. Taking it to be a revelation of the Order of Creation, as far only as this earth and man as its inhabitant are concerned, presented according to the series of characteristic phenomena, its agreement with the conclusions of Geology on the same subject is (as I said in my last letter) really wonderful, while its divergence from some of those conclusions on points of detail is only U2 LETTERS TO HIS SON apparent. I have thought it worth while to translate the order of phenomena set before us in that chapter into the terms of natural philosophy, and I think you will see that, in doing so, I impose no sense upon any part of the narrative which it will not quite reasonably and naturally bear.

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Letters to His Son On Religion
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