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That same evening, when K had made a fire up on the hillside and was broiling a pair of bushdoves for his supper, the grandson appeared out of the dusk and hung around so long that K felt obliged to offer him a share. He ate like a hungry boy. There was not enough for both of them. Then his story came out. ‘When you go to Prince Albert, I want you to take care not to mention it to anyone that I am here,’ he began. He was, it turned out, a deserter from the army. He had slipped off a troop train Kruidfontein siding the previous evening and walked across country all night, arriving at last at the farm he remembered from his schoolboy days. ‘Our family used to spend every Christmas here,’ he said. ‘Family would keep coming till the house was bursting at the seams. I’ve never seen such eating as we used to do. Day after day my grandmother would pile the table with food, good country food, and we would eat every last scrap. Karoo lamb like you never taste any more.’ K sat on his heels poking the fire, barely listening, thinking: I let myself believe that this was one of those islands without an owner.

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