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What had actually happened was this. The body of the tiger, hurriedly secured, had gradually worked loose with the motion of the elephant, till its head and shoulders, being the heavier portion, finally slipped off the pad, and the elephant, feeling the sudden shock against its body, had started off at once. The others, hearing the terror-stricken beast behind and winding the carcase as it drew nearer, probably imagined it was another tiger in pursuit, and becoming utterly demoralized in conseq...uence, fled with one accord. The Mahouts possibly for the moment as terrified as their charges, made no attempt to check them, nor would they have succeeded had they tried, for the animals I could see were in a state of abject terror and for the time quite beyond control.
What followed now I will describe as briefly as I can, for I fear I have already devoted more space than I intended to give to this adventure.
105 LIFE IN THE INDIAN POLICE I had hardly time to take in the situation when my own elephant, suddenly seeming to realize the generally disordered condition of affairs, started oft too, and for the next few minutes my position was not one favourable for observation, all my time and energy being devoted to maintaining my seat upon the pad.

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Life in the Indian Police
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