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Little Miss Dee
Roswell Martin Field And Eugene Field
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Had he been accused of selfishness nobody would have been more surprised and deeply grieved than he. Having been accustomed all his life to this unwearying attention, he had come to think that it was part of a young man s natural equipment, and merely 85 Little Miss Dee that which any one has a right to look for from those who have been responsible for his education and bringing up. He would have declared at once that he was on a common footing with other fellows of his set, receiving neither m...ore nor less than his share of family favors. He did not, it is true, go into the matter very deeply, but it would be hardly fair to expect a young man to take a post-graduate course in filial ethics when he has not had even elemen tary instruction. He always spoke defer entially, even affectionately, of Agatha, and when the elderly ladies of his special circles said, very politely and very mean- inglessly, that they would be charmed to meet her whenever the opportunity pre sented, he thanked them warmly for their friendly interest and the matter was dropped.

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Little Miss Dee
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