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VII Lo ! I stand at the gateway of Honour, And see the lights flashing within, And I murmur these songs of the city, Its sorrow, its joy, and its sin ; And the sweetness is heavy upon me, Though grown of the past and its wrong; My losses are sure if that sweetness Be felt in the soul of the song. I murmur these songs of the city, And cast them as bread on the sea; And mine eyes are dim with the singing That is all in the world to me !
De Karlemane et de Rol
...ant, Et d'Olivicr, et des vassaus, Qui moururent i. Rainscevaux I T^EAD was Gerard the fair, the woman-mouth'd, the gay, Who jested with the foe he slung his sword to slay ; Dead was the giant Guy, big-hearted, small of brain ; Dead was the hunchback Sanche, his red haunch slit in twain ; Dead was the old hawk Luz, and sleeping by his side His twin-sons, Charles the Fleet, and Pierre the serpent-eyed ; igS MISCELLANEOUS.
Dead was Antoine, the same who swore to speak no word Till twice a hundred heads fell by his single sword ; Dead was the wise Gerin, who gripp'd both spear and pen; Sansun was dead, Gereir was dead !

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