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Not the one James and I shared when he dropped me off last night. We kissed for twenty glorious minutes in his car parked around the corner from my house, a spot I will probably refer to as heaven from now on. But it’s the kiss outside of Little Owl that I keep thinking about.
On the one hand, I sort of know that I’m Maggie, and that I’m doing and feeling everything she does when I dream I’m her. And I know that means tasting her food, feeling her toothache, but I sort of push that to the back o
...f my mind, and I think she does the same with me. And that’s because neither of us wants to deal with the unreality of the dream. We’re more comfortable feeling like we were watching someone else’s life.
But that kiss was different. I can’t pretend I didn’t feel it. It was thrilling, and yet it was nothing like the feeling I have when James kisses me. And I guess that’s the reason. James kisses me. But Maggie kissed Andrew. She’s the kind of girl who takes the lead, who goes after what she wants, takes the risk of being rejected in a way so humiliating I know that I couldn’t have recovered.

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Guest 10 months ago

Awesome story, wasn't expecting the ending, it kept twisting and turning the whole way through. I didn't know who was real and who wasn't until the very end

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