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Mammon And Co
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic), 1867-1940
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' Hurrah ! that you will instantly get a profession of some sort. Dear Toby, how nice of you ! There's the gong, and I'm simply ravenous. ' Toby got up rather stiffly.
' If you consider that fair, ' he remarked, ' I wonder at you. At least, I don't wonder, for it's extraordinary how little sense of honour women have. ' ' I know. Isn't it terrible ?' said Lily. ' Toby, it was nice of you to order that crab. I adore crab. Oh, there's mamma ! I suppose she must have crossed last night. I didn't ex
...pect her till this evening. ' Mrs. Murchison had been to the Wagner Festival at Bayreuth, and was very communicative and astounding about it. She began by saying how delicious it had been at Beyrout, and Lily, whose real and tender affec- tion for her mother did not blunt her sense of humour, began to giggle helplessly.
' Bayreuth, I should say, ' continued Mrs. Murchison without a pause. ' Lily dearest, if you laugh like that you'll get a piece of crab in your windgall. Well, as I was saying, Lady Conybeare, it was all just too beauti- THE COTTAGE BY THE SEA 171 ful.

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Mammon And Co
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