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Manual of Parliamentary Practice

Cover Manual of Parliamentary Practice
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No private bill shall be brought into the house, but upon a petition signed by the parties who are suitors therefor, first presented. R. Of A. 45.
Every member, previous to presenting a petition, shall endorse his name on the back of the same. R. Of A. 51.
Regularly a motion for receiving it mast be made and L 118 Motions.
seconded, and a question put whether it shall be receiv- ed ? But a cry from the house of " received, " or even its- silence, dispenses with the formality of this question. I
...t is then to be read at the table and disposed of.
When a motion has been made, it is not to be put to the question or debated, until it is seconded. Scob. 21.
The senate of the United States say, no motion shall be debated until the same shall be seconded. Rule 6.
It is then and not till then in possession of the house, and cannot be withdrawn but by leave of the house. It is to be put into writing, if the house or speaker require it, and must be read to the house by the speaker as often as any member desires it for his information.

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Manual of Parliamentary Practice
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