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The metallic blue of the sky, un- relieved by any softness of cloud, was of that blue that English people call "Italian. " The trees were white with dust, the asphalt of the street behind her was softened by the heat and gave out a strong odour of tar. Mrs. Blair's face was red, not her cheeks, but her face. Her hair, carefully curled over her brow, hung in loose wisps behind her ears and on the lace of her gown. She was one of those women who always have loose wisps of hair.
Mrs. Gurney's curt
...ains were all drawn down, the blinds closed. The old house seemed asleep.
153 MARR'D IN MAKING Mrs. Blair rang, and pressed close to the door, in the triangle of shadow, while she waited. At length footsteps inside broke the silence, and Sarah Harper, Mrs. Gurney's "second girl, " opened the door.
Sarah Harper and Anna Curtis had been in the same Sunday-school class for years, calling each other by their first names. They had learned geography side by side at the academy, where Sarah's father was janitor, and had jumped rope together until their lips were white.

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