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You needn't bother to come down. It's justlittle Mary Cary. " And she opened the door a tiny crack and peepedthrough.
"Mr. Peet isn't very well to-night, " she said. "He's taken fresh cold. But you can come in. " I came; but I didn't want to. And if Mr. Peet had come down those stepsand shaken hands I wouldn't have been surprised. It's certainly strangehow something you know isn't true seems true; and Mr. Peet, dead fortyyears, seemed awful alive that night. Every minute I thought he'd walkin.
...She likes you to think he's living at night. Every day she goes to hisgrave, which is in the churchyard right next to where she lives; but atnight he comes back to life to her. She's so lonely, I think it'sbeautiful that he comes.
I make out like I think he comes, too, and I always send him my love, and ask how his rheumatism is. I tell you, Martha don't dare smile whenI do it. She don't even want to.
And, don't you know, old Mrs. Peet sent me a Christmas present, too. Apair of mittens. She knit them herself.

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Mary Cary
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