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'" Mary's eyes shone. It may be that blood called to blood, for if youremember one of those Josiah Spencers on the walls had married a MaryMcMillan.
"It's things like that, " she said, "that sometimes make me wish I was aman, " and straightway went and interviewed Mrs. James Kelly, and gave hera message of thanks to be conveyed to her double-fisted husband.
The next week Mary didn't have to ask Archey what the men were doing, because one of the Sunday papers had made a special story of the subj
Some of the men were getting work elsewhere, she read.
Others were on holidays, or visiting friends out of town.
Some were grumpy, some were merry, one had been caught red-handed--or atleast blue-aproned--cooking his own dinner. All who could be reached hadbeen asked how they thought the strike would end, and the reply which Iam quoting is typical of many.
"They may bungle through with a few bearings for a while, " said Mr. Reisinger, "but they won't last long. It stands to reason that a womancan't do man's work and get away with it.

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Mary Minds Her Business
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