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And even though she kicked me out of her bed, I still feel victorious. Like royalty.
    After I’m showered and dressed, I join Ridge in the kitchen. He’s cleaning up what looks like breakfast, which is odd, because neither of us ever cooks breakfast. But then I understand when Maggie emerges from his room.
    “Morning, Maggie,” I say to her with a smile.
    She eyes me cautiously. “What’s with you?”
    Right at that moment, Bridgette’s bedroom door opens. We all watch her walk into the livin
...g room. She pauses when she looks up and sees us all staring at her.
    “Morning, Bridgette,” I say with a triumphant smile. “Sleep well?”
    She sees the look on my face and immediately rolls her eyes. “Screw you, Warren.” She walks into the kitchen and begins rummaging through the refrigerator, searching for something to eat. I watch her the entire time, until Ridge taps me on the shoulder.

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Maybe Not (Maybe #1.5)
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