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Complaints had already come in from neighbors who objected to the boy's depredations.
We were informed that Otto had been a remarkably healthy child. In his developmental history there had been in no way any peculiarity or anything to set him back. In looking him over physically we found fair development and nutrition. The teeth showed some areas of defective enamel that, however, were not typical of lues. Vision was extremely defective, not more than fS in each eye; there were strabismus and c
...omplaint of frequent headaches.
In the mental examination Otto passed tests well enough so that he could be graded as of fair ability. His school attendance in this country had been so irregular that he had made little advance. Concerning heredity, we were assured that there was nothing of significance.
These parents, who so bitterly complained of Otto's conduct and who had punished him so severely, had not CONFLICT FROM SEX EXPERIENCES 185 made the slightest inquiry into any possible causes, either by patiently inquiring from the boy himself, or by corresponding with those who knew him and his companions in the old country.

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Mental Conflicts And Misconduct
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