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Mercy Warren With Portrait
Brown Alice
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However we may Indulge the pleasing Eevery and Look forward with Delight on the well Compacted Govern- ment & Happy Establishment of the Civil police of the united Colonies yet with you sir I have nrg; fears that American Virtna lias Tint, vat Ttfiap. Bed the sublime pitch which is Necessary to Bafle the arts of the Designing & to counteract the weakness" of the timid, as well as to Resist the pecuniary teniptaFions and AnibJAi mig WigTiPg whir. B will arise in the Breasts of More Noble minded ...& exalted Individuals if not Carefully Guarded.
But Mrs. Warren's relation to her husband happily betrays the softer, albeit, as it might seem to her, the weaker side of her nature. The letters between these two loving souls 90 THE TESTIMONY OF LETTERS disclose that which draws us closer to the woman than we are ever drawn by respect for her stately presence. We penetrate their inner confidence to find her " pure womanly " in her nervous imaginings and apprehensions. She was unalterably brave and even stoical in intention, but sometimes only by dint of shut- ting her teeth and holding on.

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Mercy Warren With Portrait
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