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• That history is a series of failed revelations you’re sure you hear folded, hidden within the all-but-explicit bitter taste-like-dirt inside Dinah Washington’s voice singing This bitter earth • A few months before Thomas’ death, as he talked with Jesus Jesus asked him what reward he wanted for his virtue— to which Thomas replied, You, Lord, only You— which is why, as if this vision unfit him for his life, he told the priest prodding him to take up once again writing his book, Reginald, I cann
...ot: everything I have written I now see is straw.
• Though the Book whose text articulates the text of creation is an arrogance, you think, flung by priests at all that is fecund, that has not yet found being Though priests, addicted to unanswerable but necessary questions, also everywhere are addicted to cruel answers you wake happy when you dream you have seen the book, the Book exists • You sail protested, contested seas, the something within you that chooses your masters itself not chosen.

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