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Miles Wallingford
James Fenimore Cooper
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Peter. Did you ever think that St. Peter was bald! And there isSt. John, with black eyes. --Wonderful, wonderful, that I should ever liveto see likenesses of such blessed men!" Kitty was as much astonished as her grandmother, and even the son was alittle mystified. The latter remarked that "the world was making greathead-way in all such things, and, for his part, he did not see how thepainters and authors found out all they drew and recorded. " The reader may easily imagine that half a day spen...t in such company wasnot entirely thrown away. Still, half a day sufficed; and I went to theOld Coffee-house at one, to eat a sandwich and drink a glass of porter;that being the inn then most frequented for such purposes, especially bythe merchants. I was in my box, with the curtain drawn, when a party ofthree entered that which adjoined it, ordering as many glasses of punch;which in that day was a beverage much in request of a morning, and whichit was permitted even to a gentleman to drink before dining.

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Miles Wallingford
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