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I think some pain has been carest, And laid asleep by tender touch. I think a terror is forgot A bitter voice has ceased to speak, A tiny hope where hope was not Is shining like a glowworm meek.
Our hearts are drawn a little near, Our words come forth a little free, I feel for him a shade less fear, And he a shade less wrath for me.
He knows I m wishing for the light, He knows I know he knows I m true, 102 MRS. JERNINGHAWS JOURNAL.
He knows his hand can guide me right, I know he knows I know it
... too !
And through it all one little gleam Shines likes a dawn where suns might rise- did I hear it in a dream, Or did he really praise my eyes ?
1 care not if tis good or wise, But I my sweetest comfort take, Because he looked into my eyes, And has believed me for their sake.
And in my heart he fixed a sting, That lurks in its remoter nooks, Vexing me more than anything He said he did not care for looks !
MRS. JERNINGHAWS JOURNAL. 103 Another ball ! He took me there, He knew I d keep his waltzing laws I put some lilies in my hair, And wore a dress of shining gauze.

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Mrs Jerninghams Journal
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