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My Spanish Year
Ellen Mary Abdy Williams Mrs Whishaw
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Then on the Saturday morning the gold key is returned to the priests, the Custodia is opened, and the Host is taken out and carried in procession back to the altar. And the moment the pyx is replaced in the shrine the organ peals out, all the bells are rung, and guns are fired.
It will be noticed that the Church in Seville anticipates both the Crucifixion and the Kesurrection by a day, celebrating the former on Thursday and the latter on Saturday. The Sevillian divines profess to explain this,
...but I am bound to say I 296 MY SPANISH YEAR could never understand their explanation, which connects it in some way with the mystery of the Eucharist. The people have their own account of the matter. They say that " in old times" the fast was kept from Wednesday until Easter morning, during which days no wheeled traffic was permitted in the streets, the shops were closed, and all business was suspended. After a time the four days' fast was found so inconvenient that it was reduced to three, and in order to make this possible it was arranged that the Resurrection should be celebrated on Easter Eve instead of on Easter Day !

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My Spanish Year
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