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Napoleon And the Artists
Hamil Grant
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J. B. GREUZE : Young GirVs Head.
MURILLO : The Virgin and St Ann.
RUBENS : Descent from the Cross. Taken from a Capuchin monastery at Lierre, near Antwerp.
RUBENS : Women Bathers surprised by Storm.
RAPHAEL : Holy Family.
RAPHAEL : St George ; St Michael.
DEL SARTO : Holy Family.
TENIERS : A Flemish Kitchen.
TITIAN : The Toilet of Venus.
DA VINCI : St Margaret.
DA VINCI : Virgin suckling her Son.
P. VERONESE : Woman holding a Child.
P. VERONESE : A Venetian Family.
C. J. VERNET : Italian Landsc
...ape at Sunset.
GERARD : Portrait of Princess Caroline Bona- parte.
LAURENT : Full-length Portrait of Josephine.
UNKNOWN : A City in Flames.
UNKNOWN : Equestrian Portrait of Napoleon.
UNKNOWN : Portrait of Frederick the Great.
VAN DYCK : Children of Charles I. Of England.
140 THE IMPERIAL ART-PATRON VAN DYCK : Portrait of Charles I. And his Consort.
MURILLO : The Nativity. HOLBEIN : Portrait of Laura. DAVID : Children of Brutus. P. P. PRUDH'ON : The Four Seasons.
CHAPTER VIII DAVID, THE IMPERIAL PAINTER David in 17$7 His Meeting with Bonaparte A Visit to the Atelier A Soldier s Blunt Criticism " These Military Philistines " David's Promotion Bonaparte crossing the Alps David and his School A Lover of the Limelight David and the Corona- tion A Painter x Whole Ambition Gerard and the Coronation Picture A Happy Suggestion Pauline Bonaparte and Gerard Napoleon's Satisfaction David and the Legion The Douglas Portrait of the Emperor David and the Peerage LONG before Bonaparte had revealed, in the campaign of Italy, his genius for war, David was the most celebrated painter in France.

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Napoleon And the Artists
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