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Either way, I don’t like the idea of her reaching out to someone else. It makes me wonder who this Brian guy is, and why he thinks it’s okay to send her flirty texts when Charlie and I are obviously together.
My left hand is still clutching my phone when it rings again. There’s no number on the screen. Just the word “Bro.” I slide my finger across it and answer the phone.
“Where the hell are you?”
It’s a guy’s voice. A voice that sounds a lot like mine. I look left and right, but nothin
...g is familiar about the intersection I’m passing through. “I’m in my car.”
He groans. “No shit. You keep missing practice, you’ll be benched.”
Yesterday’s Silas probably would have been pissed off about this. Today’s Silas is relieved. “What day is today?”
“Wednesday. Day before tomorrow, day after yesterday. Come get me, practice is over.”
Why does he not have his own car? I don’t even know this kid and he already feels like an inconvenience. He’s definitely my brother.

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Guest a year ago

I think its an amazing book, I just sat here and read the entire thing in a few hours and cant wait to red the next one.

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