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Nineteenth Century Essays
Sampson George
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' Jeremy Collier has : — 'When you find an unwillingness to rise early in the morning, make this short speech to yourself : " I am getting up now to do the business of a man; and am I out of humour for going about that which I was made for, and for the sake of which I was sent into the world ? Was I then designed for nothing but to doze and batten beneath the counterpane ? I thought action had been the end of your being. " ' In another striking passage, again, Mr Long has : — ' No longer wonder... at hazard ; for neither wilt thou read thy own memoirs, nor the acts of the an- cient Romans and Hellenes, and the selections from books which thou wast reserving for thy old age. Hasten then to the end which thou hast before thee, and, throwing away idle hopes, come to thine own aid, if thou carest at all for thyself, while it is in thy power. ' Here his despised predecessor has: — ' Don't go too far in your books and overgrasp yourself. Alas, you have no time left to peruse your MARCUS AURELIUS 147 diary, to read over the Greek and Roman history : come, don't flatter and deceive yourself; look to the main chance, to the end and design of reading, and mind life more than notion: I say, if you have a kind- ness for your person, drive at the practice and help yourself, for that is in your own power.

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Nineteenth Century Essays
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