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D. R. Torrence, City Trea-urer of Pittsburg, visited Normal a few weeks ago as the guest of ^L C.
Gordon. j During Leonard's abseiice from her classes in the winter term Miss Sara Birkman, of the class of '86, taught the classes in a verj- acceptaV)le manner.
Miss Leonard spent ten days in Philadelphia recentlj'. During Miss Leonard's absence, Mrs. Mitchell taught the History of Education and History of Literature classes.
Dr. John C. Calhoun, in Arch street, Allegheny, Telephone 1859 is;
... a card which calls before the Hek.-vld J a familiar face and moves it to con- gratulations and good wishes.
Miss Dayton, of the Art Depart- 1 ment, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. [ P. \V. Morgan, of Wilmerding, recently. Mrs. Morgan's maiden name was Miss Annie Kendig.
The plan of the trustees to erect 1 more .substantial and more attractive \ back stops at the tenuis courts to j replace those worn out is highly com- j mended. Two have already been put up and painted white. I The Trustees have placed a number ol large, oak .settees under the trees on the front campus for the use of the ladies.

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Normal Herald V.5 No.2
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