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P. 126.
A few years ago, when treating of the flint implements of Clark's Work, I was not prepared to express a definite opinion concerning the manner in which they were used, In the mean time, however, I have ob tained additional information in relation to the class of implements under notice, which enables me, as I think, to point out the purposes for which those of Clark's Work, as well as similar ones from other localities, were designed. In the summer of
...1869, some children, who were amusing themselves near the barn on the farm of Oliver H. Mullen, in the neigh borhood of Fayettevilie, Saint Clair County, Illinois, dug into the ground and discovered a deposit of fifty -two disc-shaped Hint implements, which lay closely heaped together. Several of them came into my possession through the assistance of Dr. Patrick, of Belleville, in the same county. They consist, like those of Clark's Work, of the peculiar stone of Flint Bidge. This I noticed at first sight, and so did Messrs.

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North American Stone Implements
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