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Not All in Vain
Ada Cambridge Cross
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143 upstairs with two of his fine sofa pillows for the bride and bridegroom to kneel upon, expressed a fervent envy of Major Todd.
" Why shouldn't we do the same?" he asked her, between joke and earnest. " Think how jolly it would be to land as man and wife I able to take care of you in the strange place. " " I should like to see myself doing anything so prepos- terous, " she replied, with a calm smile.
Her interest in the affair was concentrated upon Elvira, who was broken-hearted. The undemon
...strative child wept continually, though she had been several times slapped for doing so, and Katherine used to take her into her narrow bunk at night to comfort her, hearing her sadly sniffing in the dark. On the wedding morning she was ill with grief, and her woe-begone little red-eyed face, looking out of a thicket of newly-frizzed hair, atop of a ballet-skirted white frock, was a most pathetic object. It had snowed only two days before, and she shook in her thin costume, which her mother had chosen as the proper thing for the occasion.

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Not All in Vain
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