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Fot, the Chinese god (Phtah). Bowze, Japanese with a yellow rope. Tuisco, a god of the ancient Germans. Kaldee (Sabian Kaldee of Assyria). Orus, the sun. Serapis or God of ensemble, I think. Hercules, Pluto, Satan, Lucifer. Typhon, made up of all that opposes, hinders, obstructs, revolts. Charon, the ferry man to Tartarus and to Elysium. Minos, Rhadamanthus, judges of the dead, the wand, the bend, the ushers and the urn. (Mercury) Hermes, the God of Science. Zoroaster 3000 B. C. (Bunsen) others... say 600 or 700 B. C. Manu preceded Moses 2100 B. C. The Egyptian priests (the Greeks also) regarded the preservation of health as a point of the first importance and indispensably necessary to the practice of piety and the service of the Gods. Confucius 550 B. C. Lamas in Thibet and China. African negroes worshipping a great snake. Mithras, the Persian deity the modern parsees are the representatives the mediator between Ahrimanes and Ormazd. Brahma, to create. Vishnu, to preserve. Chiven (Siva) to destroy.

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Notes And Fragments
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