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James Davies
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Of Lydda, ap- pears to have been one of the chief towns.
" The land of Shalim. " Shalim was probably the same as Shaalbim, a town of Dan. "The land of Shalim" would then be the district in which Shaalbim was situated.
v. 5. " The land of Zuph" the district in which Ra- mathaim-Zophim was situated.
v. 6. " This city. " What city this was will be discussed in c. X.
v. 7. " What shall we bring the man?" It is the in- variable custom in the East for an inferior to offer some kind of present to a su
...perior from whom he is about to ask a favour, or whom he is merely going to visit.
It would appear somewhat extraordinary that Saul should have thought of offering to Samuel first a piece of bread, and, failing that, the apparently paltry sum of shekel. But Oriental usage explains the matter. As a present of the kind named is a token of respect, it is never refused, however humble it may be, while its character is always determined by the occupation or circumstances of the giver. Thus those engaged in tillage or pasture offer of the produce of their fields or flocks, merchants, of their peculiar goods, and artizans, of their handicraft.

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Notes On I Samuel
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