Observations On Rhizina Inflata

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Observations On Rhizina Inflata
James Robert Weir
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3) mingling with the mass of mycelium about the diseased roots, without having some connection with it. Such a seedling with fruit- ing body attached was carefully removed from the soil and placed in a dish of water, in order to allow the attached earth to fall gradually away. It was found that the numerous rhizoids or strands of mycelium by which the fruiting structures are attached to the substratum were continuous with the mycelium surrounding the diseased roots. These roots were microscopic...ally examined and showed that the internal mycelial system ramifying in the cortical parenchyma and in the sieve tubes of the bast was a continuation of the mycelium which connected up the rhizoid strands of the fruit body.
By shaking in boiled water a quantity of soil which had been burned over the previous year and which showed no signs of fungous growth, a solution was prepared to which a large quantity of spores of Rhizina inflata was added. This solution was thoroughly sprayed about the base of several healthy 3- to 4- year-old white-pine seedlings (Pinus monticola) growing on burned ground in another part of the forest.

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Observations On Rhizina Inflata
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