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" After I rubbed the horses this mornin'," he pro- ceeded, " I took a stroll around the burg, and their tent and wagon's gone ! " " Gone ! " exclaimed aunt Corinne. " Clear out of town ? " Zene said he allowed so. He could show the children where the tent and wagon stood, and it was bare ground now. He had also discovered the time- honored circus-ring, where every summer the tinseled 2 3 2 OLD CARAVAN DAYS.
host rode and tumbled. But under the circumstances, a circus-ring had no charms.
" Then
...they've got her,'' said Bobaday. " We'll never see the pretty little thing again. If I'd been a man I wouldn't let that woman have her, like Grandma Padgett did. Grown folks are so funny. I did \#ish some grand people would come in the night and say she was their child, and make the show give her up." Aunt Corinne arose to fly to her mother and Mrs.
Sebastian with the news. But the central door open- ing on the instant and Mrs. Sebastian, her husband and guest coming out, aunt Corinne had not far to fly- " The woman is a stealer," she added to her breath- less recital.

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Old Caravan Days
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