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" This Black Dan proceeded to do; and would have madean end of it at once, had not the bottle, after a hard struggle, beensnatched from his hands, and passed round, like a jovial decanter. The old tar had complained of the effects of an immoderate eating offruit.
Upon calling the following morning, our physician found his preciousrow of patients reclining behind the stocks, and doing "as well ascould be expected. " But the pills and powders were found to have been perfectly inactive:probably be
...cause none had been taken. To make them efficacious, itwas suggested that, for the future, a bottle of Pisco should be sentalong with them. According to Flash Jack's notions, unmitigatedmedical compounds were but dry stuff at the best, and neededsomething good to wash them down.
Thus far, our own M. D. , Doctor Long Ghost, after starting the frolic, had taken no further part in it; but on the physician's third visit, he took him to one side, and had a private confabulation. What itwas, exactly, we could not tell; but from certain illustrative signsand gestures, I fancied that he was describing the symptoms of somemysterious disorganization of the vitals, which must have come onwithin the hour.

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