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1872. N. 1. (139) B 18 Quarterly German Magazine, copper, which is a combination of copper, oxygen and sul- phuric acid, we obtain a blue liquid, which is so decomposed through the current, that metallic copper secretes at the ne- gative pole, while oxygen and sulphuric acid show themselves at the positive pole. The copper encrusts thereby the nega- tive pole with a layer which perfectly represents it in all its protuberances and cavities, and which can be taken off after it has attained a cert...ain opacity. We then have an inverted impression of the plate at the pole, on which every protuber- ance is represented by an elevation and cavities by indenta- tions. This is used to multiply medals and such things; an impression of the object to be multiphed is taken in wax, gutta percha and such hke, and then furnished with a con- ducting cover, which in connection with the negative pole is exposed to the influence of the electric current. The first im- pression gives an inverted copy of the original object, a so- called matrix \ the galvanic impression is, however, a true imitation of the same.

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On Electric Phenomena
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