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On Primitive Institutions

Cover On Primitive Institutions
On Primitive Institutions
J W Powell
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What reading level is On Primitive Institutions book?
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Parents and Children.
Parents should 1. Restrain their children from vice.
2. Train them in virtue 3. Have them taught arts or sciences.
4. Provide them with suitable wives or husbands.
5. I rive them their inheritance.
The child should say 1. I will support them who supported me.
2. I will perform family duties incumbent on them.
3. I will guard their property.
4. I will make myself worthy to be their heir.
5. When they are gone, I will honour their memory.
2. Pupils and Teachers.
The pupil sh
...ould honor his teachers 1. By rising in their presence.
2. By ministering to them.
3. By obeying them.
4. By supplying their wants.
5. By attention to instruction.
The teacher should show his affection to his pupils 1. By training them in all that is good.
2. By teaching them to hold knowledge fast.
3. By instruction in science and lore.
4. By speaking well of them to their friends and companions.
5. By guarding them from danger.
3. Husband and Wife.
The husband should cherish his wife 1. By treating her with respect.

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On Primitive Institutions
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