Our Four Footed Friends

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Our Four Footed Friends
Sewell Anna
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When the leaves turned red upon the tree, the squirrels seemed to think it was time to collect a store of nuts, upon which they might feed in the winter. So they left off playing, and set to work to fill nooks in the branches and holes in the ground with nuts and acorns. Once the children took some o nuts and placed them in a small heap at the foot of the tree; and pleased they were to see the squirrels run down the big trunk to carry off such treasures.
But first they turned each nut over and
...over, to be sure there was no hole in it; for they never store away any that are worm-eaten.
Children are not always as wise as squirrels in knowing what to eat or lay by; but if they ask their kind parents when in doubt, they will not do wrong.
r I S HERE is something very sleepy about cows; their walk JL is slow and they move about in a dreamy sort of fashion, as if they did not quite know where they were going. Their large, soft eyes are very beautiful, but very drowsy, and except when they are eating or walking, cows seem to spend their time in sleeping.

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Our Four Footed Friends
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