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– Perry Makepiece was prey to anxieties far greater than he was willing to acknowledge to Gail, who for the occasion had dolled herself up to the nines in the Vivienne Westwood outfit with harem pants that she’d bought on the day she won her first case: ‘If those high-class hookers are going to be on board, I’ll need all the help I can get,’ she had informed Perry, as she balanced precariously on her bed to see herself in the mirror over the handbasin.*Last night, returning to the Quinze Anges f...rom their supper party, Perry had caught Madame Mère’s boot-button eyes peering at him from her den behind the reception desk.‘Why don’t you have first run of the facilities and I’ll follow you up?’ he had suggested, and Gail with a grateful yawn complied.‘Two Arabs,’ Madame Mère whispered.‘Arabs?’‘Arab police. They spoke Arabic together, and to me French. Arab French.’‘What did they want to know?’‘Everything. Where you were. What you do. Your passport. Your address in Oxford.

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Our Kind of Traitor
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Guest 4 years ago

Wow talk about a lot of BS. I tried to read it and kept wondering when will the story start. Boring and going nowhere. Too much detail on nothing interesting.

Guest 5 years ago

Is this the end?

Guest 6 years ago

The author is a master story teller. His skill is best at weaving parallel themes into a taut narrative that keeps the reader strongly engaged. His use of the English language is second to none.

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