Our Martyr President

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Our Martyr President
John F John Freeman Baker
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It is refreshing, as it is reassuring to our confidence, however faint and wavering at times in the recurrence of rare instances of human virtue.
To us, the people at large, who have partaken of the benefits of his wise, temperate, and in the main, judicious administration, there is something that calls forth a deep sense of regret, that we have lost one whom we have been accustomed to regard as a faithful guardian and friend ; one to whom we had confided the precious custody and dis- position
...of our public trusts, in the hour of supreme peril ; one who was found commensurate with, and answered well our high expecta- tions ; one who passed through the tremendous ordeal which tries the heart, and taxes to the uttermost all claims of good faith, of reliable trustworthiness, of integrity, of patriotic devotion ; all claims upon the loftiest moralities of our nature. And yet he held out to the last, and reappeared to us with a fair disk, like a bright planetary transit emerging from out the obscurities and antagonisms which enveloped hun, or confronted his public course.

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Our Martyr President
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