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" They had just passed thedray and were coming to the outskirts of the little country town. "Weunderstand what it means, you see, and when a woman lets us down, wedon't make it worse, as you are doing. Oh, I know you didn't sayanything about a woman, but I know, too, that you meant one. It's a poorcompliment to her if she's any good, and if she isn't, why worry?" Jimmy did not answer, and the doctor changed the subject abruptly, aswas his way. "Did they tell you that Drylands, the big house toyour cottage, was let at last? You'll have some society now. I hearthey're people who entertain a lot. " "What is their name?" Jimmy demanded.
"Something not unlike your own--Grimston, I think. " Jimmy shrugged his shoulders. "Never heard of them, and, anyway, itprobably wouldn't affect me. The neighbourhood as a whole hasn't exactlytumbled over itself in its anxiety to make my acquaintance. " "That's your own fault, " the doctor retorted. "You haven't given theneighbourhood much encouragement to know you, although you would bewelcome enough.

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People of Position
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