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Percy Mallory volume 3
James Hook
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him justice, he made the most of his good for- tune — and when he acknowledged to Gertrude, as he laid his pretensions and fortune at her feet, that if Sir Hugh were to demand his pedigree, he could scarcely trace a grandfather through the mist and obscurity of his genealogy, she saw, and confessed that their hopes were indeed des- perate. We all know with what facility expe- dients are welcomed in the hour of despair — especially when they come, suggested a
...s they did in the instance before us, by a friend, whose in- terests claim to be identified with our own !
To gain the consent of her family to such an union, was beyond the range of even possible cal- culation — to give up her first love — the being who alone could secure even a portion of happi- ness on this side the grave, was a hard alterna- tive, in the event of yielding to the prejudices of her family. — This, when urged in the subdued tones, and with all the tenderness of a lover — for such, and a sincere one, we must honestly confess lie was, afforded too powerful an argument to be resisted by one — who had been educated almost upon mechanical principles, and who, with all the CHAl'TKIt VIII.

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Percy Mallory volume 3
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